Workshop: Income Generation Solutions for Communities in the Countries of Origin

  • June 24, 2013
  • news

We can teach women on how to avoid poverty caused by bad weather conditions and poor crop seasons, proposed Diaspora representatives of women from Mexico and China at the workshop for migrants held on April 10th in Bratislava. The women migrants in Slovakia are informally gathered through the integration promotion actions in the country, however there are three main gender diaspora organizations of those from Russian-speaking countries, China and Vietnam. In the poor rice-producers communities in China and other from Mexico, women are raising and feeding the family. Useful advice on how to improve the management of the household and the education of children could make a big difference in their life, mentioned a migrant woman from Mexico. She added that in her country of origin, poor communities have been scarcely impacted by the positive advantages of human development and innovation. Small income generation and low budget projects that could easily be implemented with the active participation of migrants living in Slovakia were proposed. The latter would contribute with their indigenous knowledge, language skills and expertise.
Migrants from Africa and Asia learnt about opportunities for cooperation with Slovak development and research organizations for the purpose of implementing projects in their countries of origins. The Society Development Institute, a CoMiDe project partner, introduced the participants of the workshop to aid programmes of the European Union.