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The main idea of the project is to form the basis for the development of successful leaders with the ability to make accurate decisions in a variety of areas and analyze and predict the economic, organizational and socio-psychological situations in the company in order to continuously improve the efficiency of their business. The project aimes to increase the self-confidence of the girls and boys who are able to start and run a business.
The project is to improve the quality of secondary education, as well as the knowledge and skills demanded by the labour market and the social and family life. The project will contribute to the change of  attitudes, values ​​and behavior patterns towards gender equality and opportunities. This project is aimed at eliminating lingering stereotypes of relatively low importance for girls to acquire basic secondary and vocational education.

A long-term effect of the project will be the quality of the education system by  introducing a gender perspective in teaching and methodological materials of educational institutions and educational work among the students. It will also provide the interaction of civil society and the state in the sector of the secondary school education for improving the qualification levels of the female population of the country.

Project Details

Administrative Organisation Society Development Institute
Status: idea
Interest for Partnership: yes
Project area: education
Topic: entrepreneurship
Timing [start date]
Timing [duration] endless
Status: ongoing
Project range: international
Countries: Tajikistan
Searching for funds: yes
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Partner organisations: National Association of SMEs in Tajikistan