Women Occupation Pools (POW): Strengthen Employment and Income-Generation for Vulnerable Women in Tajikistan


Overall objective is to improve the employability of vulnerable women with disabilities or living in rural areas through promoting labour and income-generation. Specific objective(s): 1) to establish mechanisms for effective employment of vulnerable women via vocational education, job creation and self-employment; 2) to develop the capacities for women income-generation, innovation and marketable activites; 3) to strengthen collaboration between advocacy NGOs, business associations, trade unions, employment officers in facilitating women’s access to the market; 4) to trigger employment legislation for women;

Project Details

Administrative Organisation eSlovensko
Status: application planning
Interest for Partnership: no
Project area: development cooperation
Topic: entrepreneurship
Timing [start date]
Timing [duration] endless
Status: planned
Project range: international
Countries: Tajikistan / Afghanistan
Searching for funds: yes
Link to this project https://diaspora-engagement.eu/project/women-occupation-pools-pow-strengthen-employment-and-income-generation-for-vulnerable-women-in-tajikistan/

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Partner organisations (registered): UMED