Vocational Education and Income-Generation for the Herders Families


Overall objectives

The global objective is to assist the rural families without regular income through increasing of their vocational entrepreneurial and technical skills, introducing non-trivial professions in the provinces and providing better access to markets, business and value chains.

Specific objectives

1.To build the capacity of human resources in rural areas via vocational education community platforms, courses and model income-generating activities

To contribute to the income generation and creation of (self-)employment opportunities in the rural areas in order to limit the internal migration and urbanization via empowering the local businessesSpecific focus on vulnerable rural people, over 20 aimags and 10.000 people, more than 100 rural self-employed people or entrepreneurs who are lacking support/skills or have been got into troubles due to the loans. We will focus on those who are drivers of the local income-generation economy and usually are not properly accepted at the local market or been treated unequally. The population of the poorer rural areas, not positively affected by the mining boom in Gobi-Altai, and rural poor families as well as families of former workers in mining sector in Dornogovi, Mongolia.

Project Details

Administrative Organisation
Status: idea
Interest for Partnership: yes
Project area: education
Topic: entrepreneurship
Timing [start date]
Timing [duration] endless
Status: planned
Project range: national
Countries: Mongolia
Searching for funds: no
Link to this project https://diaspora-engagement.eu/project/vocational-education-and-income-generation-for-the-herders-families/