TV Programme Integruj


Development of a series of TV programmes focussed on promotion of the role of migrats in host communities and consider them a vehicle for development cooperation.


Integration project road is a loose continuation of the project integrate ! From the television screen we moved closer to the people .

Integration in school

We want to focus on the target group of beneficiaries, the first and the second part integrate at least approached , yet is the most malleable – secondary school students. This target group devotes little time watching TV, most of the information is obtained via the Internet and personal contact. That is why we want to go on the road and bring migration issues directly to this target group. We want young people to introduce specific migrants, to talk about their problems, but also migration of Slovaks in the past and how Slovakia migration policy addresses the legislative.


Project Details

Administrative Organisation Migration and Communication Institute
Status: application planning
Interest for Partnership: yes
Project area: awareness raising
Topic: migration
Timing [start date]
Timing [duration] endless
Status: planned
Project range: international
Countries: Slovakia
Searching for funds: yes
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