Raising awareness of human rights among young people in Transnistria and education of young people for active citizenship


The project is aimed at raising awareness of human rights among young people in Moldova, Transnistria and the education of young people for active citizenship. The long term goal is to empower young people to use the acquired knowledge and to get involved in decision-making processes, civil initiatives and in a constructive dialogue to solve ethnic, political and religious disputes.

Project Details

Administrative Organisation SLOVENE PHILANTHROPY, Association for Promotion of Volunteer Work
Status: in implementation
Interest for Partnership: no
Project area: development cooperation
Topic: development
Timing [start date] 06/01/2013
Timing [duration] 2 year(s)
Status: ongoing
Project range: international
Countries: Moldova
Financed by: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia
Searching for funds: no
Link to this project https://diaspora-engagement.eu/project/raising-awareness-of-human-rights-among-young-people-in-transnistria-and-education-of-young-people-for-active-citizenship/

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