Play and work to avoid isolation


This project is realised in Palestine, with particular focus on Shu’fat refugees camp (East Jerusalem) with the aim to breack isolation suffered by population.

This project support the activities of educational centre Al Zuhur, including kindergarten for small children, sport activities for teens (football team, dabqa), social services for the families of Shu’fat camp and the opening of an embroidery laboratory which final function is to generate income for the centre.

But the aim of Play and Work is overall to create a network among organisations working in the field of sport and education inside Shu’fat camp and East Jerusalem, with organisation of meetings, common activities and trainings.

In addition, to increase awareness of civil society and politics on situation of the camp has been organised two public events in Jerusalem and one workshop in Italy.

Another key event of the project was the organisation, in 2010 and in 2011, of marathon Vivicittà, inside Shu’fat camp and in the old town of Jerusalem.




Project Details

Administrative Organisation Peace Games Uisp
Status: finished
Interest for Partnership: no
Project area: development cooperation
Topic: sport
Timing [start date] 02/01/2010
Timing [duration] 3 year(s)
Status: definitive
Project range: international
Countries: Palestinian Territory, Occupied / Italy
Financed by: European Union
Searching for funds: no
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Partner organisations: Uisp / YDD / Al Zuhur Center