NWC - Women for Women - Nyamirambo Women’s Center – Women for Women


Purpose and main goal of the project is to empower the capacities of already existing NWC and to increase its influence in local community in the fields of formal and informal education, economic empowerment of deprivileged women, incouraging the role of women in local authorities, awareness-rising about sexual and reproductive health, human rights and women’s rights.

Specific goals:
1: To establish a long-lasting relationship/cooperation with different agencies or tourism service providers and projects dealing with responsible community based tourism (RCBT) and improve, upgrade and expand the activities of RCBT which can provide an income on the long-term and to increase knowledge about this field in the local community.
2: Encouraging and training women from the local community for the activities which could improve their economic and social status and also living conditions for their children (sewing/tailoring course, cooking and catering service, gardening and producing vegetables, etc.)
3: Encouraging formal and implementation of informal education and gender inequality reduction
4: Increased visibility and influence of NWC in local community and broader

Project Details

Administrative Organisation Peace Institute – Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies
Status: finished
Interest for Partnership: no
Project area: development cooperation
Topic: education
Timing [start date] 05/01/2011
Timing [duration] 10/01/2012 endless
Status: definitive
Project range: international
Countries: Rwanda
Financed by: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Slovenia
Searching for funds: no
Link to this project https://diaspora-engagement.eu/project/nwc-women-for-women/

Media & Links

Partner organisations (registered): Humanitas
Partner organisations: New Dawn Associates (NDA) / Kigali Institute of Education – Center for Gender, Culture and Development (KIE – CGCD), Rwanda / Local community Nyamirambo, Rwanda / Slovene Philantropy