CENGR - Central European Network for Global Responsibility (CENGR)


Central European Network for Global Responsibility (CENGR): The project focuses on developing the field of global education in partner countries (Slovenia, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia). Global education is a lifelong process of learning and working and emphasises people’s interdependence and the involvement of the individual in global processes. The goal of this type of education is globally responsible individuals and communities. Among other issues it also deals with migration and development and questions the concept of development itself. The activities of the project focus on functioning of special global education libraries in partner countries, workshops in schools, training of teachers and multipliers. Research on the concept of global education will be made within elementary and high school teachers and a manual for global education for school will be published.

Project Details

Administrative Organisation Humanitas
Status: application submitted
Interest for Partnership: no
Project area: education
Topic: global issues
Timing [start date] 03/01/2011
Timing [duration] 3 year(s)
Status: planned
Project range: international
Countries: Austria / Hungary / Slovakia / Slovenia
Financed by: European Union
Searching for funds: no
Link to this project https://diaspora-engagement.eu/project/central-european-network-for-global-responsibility-cengr/

Media & Links

Partner organisations (registered): Südwind
Partner organisations: SCCD, Slovakia / Anthropolis, Hungary