Better Advocacy of Children’s Rights


This action has been prepared in cooperation between three organizations, the applicant Society Development Institute and the Public Child Home from the city of Dolyna. The partners are pursuing the transfer of know-how in the field of decent rights and enjoyment of freedoms for children most at risk. SDI appointed a Diaspora member living in Slovakia to lead the preparation discussions with the local co-applicant in the city of Dolyna. The partnership has assessed needs of the local defenders of children rights and proposed a series of activities that are to be further described in the proposed concept action. Those activities are mostly related to the empowerment of the capacities of the defenders working with the children. Although material capacities are of insufficiency as well, there are many considerable gaps in the professional qualification of defenders answering the growing needs of the most vulnerable children and their rights especially in remote and rural areas. In comparison with bigger and stronger economic regions, those areas are lacking non-governmental organizations that could support the empowerment of the public defenders. Therefore it is of great importance to introduce powerful tools and approaches for defending rights of children living in the child homes and ensuring their freedoms and respect of human rights once they leave the public institutions. The co-applicant Tepli Dim Child Home will be acting as coordinator of the empowerment activities for the defenders in the district of Dolyna. It will involve other workers from the province of located inĀ  Ivano-Frankivsk.

Project Details

Administrative Organisation Child Home Teply Dym
Status: idea
Interest for Partnership: yes
Project area: advocacy
Topic: education
Timing [start date]
Timing [duration] endless
Status: planned
Project range: national
Countries: Ukraine
Searching for funds: yes
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Partner organisations: Tepli Dim Child Home