Common places: Little Migrating Stories


The social context of Parma fully reflects the new Italian reality increasingly multiethnic. Even in

our city are clearly identifiable new citizens of Parma not of Italian origin. The city then collects

traditions that we are able to recognize but also new cultures sometimes from far away. It is this

coexistence of different stories which leads to the need to identify new social equilibrium, seeking

and building relational dynamics that bring together all citizens based on a real openness to the

other, overcoming fears and suspicions.

The project “Common Places-Little migrating stories”, shedding light on aspects of foreign people

usually ignored, intends to offer its own contribution inviting citizens to reflect and see each other

from a different point of view, probably closer.

The project “Common places – little migrating stories” was born in Milan on the initiative of the

Foundation Letter 27 non-profit organization and has been successfully carried out in Milan, Naples

and Modena in collaboration with organizations and institutions.

The project aims to facilitate the understanding between the people who live in Parma activating

a form of social communication with high emotional impact that integrates photos and words.

The project is an anthology of stories of many voices and many hands, authentic and meaningful

narratives, of men and women migrants of first and second generation, of different ages and from

dozens of countries around the world.

Project Details

Administrative Organisation Parma per gli Altri Ong
Status: in implementation
Interest for Partnership: yes
Project area: integration
Topic: migration
Timing [start date] 2011
Timing [duration] 5 year(s)
Status: ongoing
Project range: national
Countries: Italy / City and Province of Parma
Financed by: Emilia Romagna Region; private
Searching for funds: yes
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Partner organisations: Coonger / Lettera 27