Project Marketplace – WorldCafe in Bratislava

  • October 15, 2013
  • news

Become part of the European roadshow gathering development initiatives and projects at the CoMiDe/SDI staff at the Development Days in Bratislava, October 18  (WorldCafe). The event will gather the representatives of diasporas and organizations dealing with issues of development assistance, universities and firms. Together with the ” invisible ” immigrants who live amongst us, one would experience the diversity of their cultures and learn more about what the current needs of their communities and what direction should develop mutual cooperation.

The Society Development Institute is calling for pooling more expertise and encouraging active participation of the actors of development through a full daily programme boosting cooperation for development as follows:

WorldCafe of Projects

We call on all Universities, NGOs dealing with development cooperation, schools, clubs and associations of immigrants, media, volunteers, businesses and others to find their partner or project idea for “speed meetings”, where you get specific information on the funding of individual ideas and you also opportunity to meet their partner.

Creative Workshop – Crafts and Music from Africa
The artist Thierry Ebama brings a touch of the culture and traditions of African crafts and encourages the Slovak designers and artists for delivery of new products of the creative business.

Babylon of Languages ​
Knowing the means to understand the development partner, the first ever lessons of African languages will be offered by Samson Takel Demme .

How to grow cocoa in Ghana Bratislava Marketplace ?
Kofi Nkrumah of Ghana will take you to the chocolate kingdom in Ghana, where one learns how to plant and grow the  cocoa bubbles.

The effective tool for promoting innovation is the creation of a physical or virtual platform for the exchange of ideas and projects among inventors, entrepreneurs, academics and investors. Platform supports direct contact and provide a quick solution key elements of development cooperation projects. The main objective of the platform is to highlight the results and improve the knowledge transfer from academia/NGO to the business world as well.