Project Description

This Website and database has been developed initially as part of the EuropeAid co-financed project ‘Consistency of Migration and Development’(DCI-NSAED/2011/239-506, published under the name CoMiDe) 2011-2014 that laid the foundations of the Diaspora engagement in development and civil society, based on extensive research and networking, advocacy work and partnership ideas initiated and proposed by the relevant actors. Südwind, the Vienna Insititue for International Dialogue and Cooperation (VIDC), COSPE and Mirovni Institute were involved in CoMiDe, led by VIDC, who acts as co-applicant in this proposal.

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Over 34 million persons born in a third country are currently living in the EU, representing 6,9 percent of its total population. Their active participation in the society, apart from the integration in the labour market, is key to maximizing their opportunities, welfare and dignity, which will contribute to development of the EU.

The transnational project “We all need new engagement!” (WANNE) aims to foster the
engagement of third country nationals (TCNs) in civil society and in the communities of the receiving society with a special focus on volunteering in diaspora and civil society organizations in educational, cultural and social activities and in decision-making frameworks in the participating countries, including, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Greece and Malta.

The project partners implement project activities in the seven EU-countries, including
establishing an online database, organizing partnership fairs in each country, conducting awareness and advocacy trainings, strengthening diaspora and civil society organizations and foster their political demands and share good practices. The teams will carry out awareness raising workshops on human dignity and gender sensitivity, engaging TCNs in project activities and benefiting them from the multipliers’ effects.

The strong focus of WANNE on sharing of the knowledge and successful experiences
between the partner countries will feed into a transnational report on the good practices and TCNs political demands, which will be presented to over 70 stakeholders and decision-makers in the final symposium and round table in Brussels in late 2019.