Zveza zvez kulturnih društev konstitutivnih narodov in narodnosti razpadle SFRJ v Sloveniji


The Union of  Unions of cultural associations of former Yugoslavia’s constitutive nations and nationalities in Slovenia (ExYumco) was founded in 2003. Since 2007 the Union has been registered according to the Slovene law on associations in order to better communicate with Slovene national and political authorities. It represents a frame organization for several unions. Its main goal is to attain legal acknowledgement for all former Yugoslavia’s constitutive nations living in Slovenia, as well as to improve the functionality of national asssociations.

The Union believes, that the acknowledgement of minority status is the key condition to prepare other legal acts in order to establish collective rights of maintaining language, culture, access to public meda, political participation and dignity of the concerning group of citizens of Republic of Slovenia. Political participation and active involvement of Slovene public media is expected, also the new Law on radio and television in Slovenia is expected to bring more rights to the mentioned minorities.

The Union hosted a round table in Ljubljana in October 2013, where prominent speakers presented the theme of the national identity of the concerning minorities. The Union is also preparing an expert material by all the speakers, who participated in the round table. In November 2013 Government of Republic of Slovenia reestablished the Council for national minorities from former Yugoslav countries.

Contact data

Country: Slovenia
Address: Celovška 177
Telephone: +386 40 166 882
E-Mail: ilija.dimitrievski@siol.net
Contact Person: dr. Ilija Dimitrievski
Tel: +386 40 166 882
Link to this organisation: https://diaspora-engagement.eu/org/zveza-zvez/

Organisation details

Fields of work: campaigning / lobbying / advocacy / diversity / integration / cultural activities / media / cooperation among cultural associations in the region
Topics: education / migration / culture
Legal status: formal
Legal registration number: 2217686000

Languages & Countries

Main operation languages: Slovene
Other language skills: Montenegrin / Bosnian / Serbian / Albanian / Croatian / Macedonian
Countries working in currently: Slovenia
Countries of interest: Montenegro / Austria / Italy / Germany / Switzerland / Croatia / Serbia / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Kosovo