VAS Österreich


The association of African students in Austria (VAS) was founded in 2012 in Vienna. Its mission is to:

  • create a suitable environment for excellent scientific research and academic success
  • encourage entrepreneurship for disseminating innovative knowledge in Austria
  • establish solidarity for a sustainable positive change in Austrian society
  • to be the main network of student cultural and intellectual exchanges in Austria
  • support African students to satisfy their needs (communication, information, accommodation, research exchange, scholarships, internship and jobs)


The non-profit and non-governmental association has the following goals:

  • promote the development of capacity building of our members and sympathizers
  • support cooperation and dialogue with NGOs, associations and individuals interested in Africa and its development
  • promote African culture in Austria
  • contribute to a positive image of Africa
  • promote solidarity and exchange among students


The key issues in 2012 and 2013 are growth and communication.

Contact data

Country: Austria
Address: AAKH, Hof 1, Spitalgasse 2
Telephone: +43 0699 17 29 56 20
Contact Person: Youssouf Simbo Diakité
Tel: +43 699 17 29 56 20
Link to this organisation:

Organisation details

Fields of work: campaigning / lobbying / education / awareness raising / diversity / cultural activities / fundraising / networking
Topics: migration / education / development / culture / integration
Legal status: formal
Legal registration number: ZVR 048803053

Languages & Countries

Main operation languages: German / French / English
Countries working in currently: Austria
Countries of interest: Africa / Austria


ACCOMMODATION INITIATIVE Concerning the housing situation of Students in Austria, African Students mainly have to face challenges of discrimination issues on several levels due to reasons of prejudices, disrespect and distrust, overpriced financing et al. The accessibility and availability of accommodation for African Students will contribute to a higher living standard on…