Umed NGOs was organized in 2003 in the city of Justice Haroga GBAO and re-registered in 2008. For 10 years, we have trained 180 women culinary products marketing business with the help of the UN Food Programme where 180 women were trained culinary flour and products through the Iranian Embassy in Tajikistan.

We have trained 140 women to sew a variety of clothes and at this time they work at home and sew their children. With the help of the Swiss office in Tajikistan, we have trained 30 girls embroidery.
With the American Embassy in Tajikistan, we have trained women small business and marketing.
The last 5 years we have not worked with projects . In 2012, with the beneficiaries American Embassy , we purchased 25 machines for tkatstvo hand carpets and trained women tkatstvu carpets.
Hold meetings seminars by NGOs on topics of study of girls, to provide jobs.
The mission of our organization and help solve the problems of women to train unemployed women crafts business marketing to ensure workplaces.
NGO ” Umed ” member of the Tajik Chamber of Commerce, board member of the union craftsmen Tajikistan
At the exhibitions we are trying to find partners who are interested in our embroidery souvenirs, carpets, souvenir that would cooperate and provide unemployed women in places of work.

Contact data

Country: Tajikistan
Address: str. Aini 50, ap. 46
Telephone: +992 00 00
Contact Person: Nargis Rahmonova
Tel: 000
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Organisation details

Fields of work: development cooperation / integration
Topics: entrepreneurship
Memberships in networks:
  • Tajik Chamber of Commerce
EuropAid PADOR-ID: TJ-2013-GSV-2002728490

Languages & Countries

Main operation languages: Tajik
Other language skills: English


Tajik Women Entrepreneurs 1.Develop the capacities and increase international business potentials of over 300 Tajik SMEs and BIOs, 2.Improve the business cooperation with the European entities in order to discover, diversify and enrich crafts/artisans offer of Tajik SMEs, 3. Improving business environment on policy level Tajik crafts/culture/art-based SMEs with insufficient business abilities, incentives…
Women Occupation Pools (POW): Strengthen Employment and Income-Generation for Vulnerable Women in Tajikistan Overall objective is to improve the employability of vulnerable women with disabilities or living in rural areas through promoting labour and income-generation. Specific objective(s): 1) to establish mechanisms for effective employment of vulnerable women via vocational education, job creation and self-employment; 2) to develop the capacities for women income-generation, innovation…