Radovi u Toku - Radovi U Toku Work in Progress


Work In Progress (Radovi U Toku) is an independent organization that has been working towards a better, more equitable and fair world.
It is working with young people and with vulnerable categories. The organization through its work aims at contributing in the creation of a more human society without any kind of discrimination promoting the culture of legality. Culture is considered as a proper tool of prevention, a needed tool to create a more equal society, culture builds bridges among people and among countries.
Work In Progress promotes and supports the local and international voluntarism that is considered to be a basic tool to build an inclusive society based on tolerance and on the importance of diversities, encourages the active citizenship involving young people and citizens of all ages to take an action.

Contact data

Country: Serbia
Address: Balzakova 67
Novi Sad
Telephone: +381 00 0000
E-Mail: mclucher@gmail.com
Website: http://radoviutoku.wordpress.com/about/
Contact Person: Marzia Clucher
Tel: 00000
Link to this organisation: https://diaspora-engagement.eu/org/radovi-u-toku-work-in-progress/

Organisation details

Fields of work: campaigning / education / cultural activities / awareness raising
Topics: migration / sport / decent work / education
Legal status: formal

Languages & Countries

Main operation languages: Serbian
Other language skills: English