Radio Afrika TV


Radio Afrika TV is an Austrian association organized as an association to improve the African – European relations. Radio Afrika TV is an information and communication platform for the African audience in Austria, for the audience in Africa via the net, and for all people in Austria with an interest in Africa.

Radio Afrika TV is the only African association in Austria which broadcasts information via four media: Radio Afrika International, Afrika TV, Tribüne Afrikas (newspaper) and or All programs can be listened, watched and read online!

Radio Afrika TV wants:

  • To be an information and communication platform, as well as a mouthpiece for Africa interested, migrants and mostly Africans.
  • Show a new image of Africa and therefore
  • reduce prejudices and clichés about Africans
  • Help with integration of Africans in Austria
  • Help with sensitization and awareness-rising
  • To promote the intellectual dialog and reduce communication barriers, with the Motto: “With each other instead of against each other”

Contact data

Country: Austria
Address: Argentinierstraße 28/1
Telephone: +43 01 9437045
Fax: +43 01 9437045
Contact Person: Alexis Neuberg
Tel: 01/9437045
Link to this organisation:

Organisation details

Fields of work: awareness raising / diversity / media / cultural activities / integration / education
Topics: development / migration / global issues / decent work / sport / culture / foreign policy / peace / health / water / education / entrepreneurship
Memberships in networks:
Legal status: formal
Legal registration number: ZVR-Zahl: 508837785

Languages & Countries

Main operation languages: German / English / French


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