NWC - Nyamirambo Women’s Centre


Nyamirambo Women’s Centre (NWC) is a diverse and heterogeneous group bringing together socially de-privileged and marginalized, hard working women (mothers) and girls from different social, cultural and religious backgrounds. NWC was established with the aim to support local, disadvantaged women to continue their education and training, and to gain better opportunities for employment. We aim to achieve our goals through educational and training activities such as organization of educational programs and trainings for members of the NWC – English language course, literacy course, ICT trainings, entrepreneurship and accountancy trainings, empowerment trainings, trainings in responsible community based tourism (RCBT) in poor urban area and enrolment into formal education or specific forms of life-long education. Further initiatives through which we aim to achieve our goals will be organization of courses for external visitors of the NWC, educational programs for the public organized and run by the NWC, acquisition of land and house property for the use of NWC purposes, leaflet production, documentary film production and international seminars and conferences.

Contact data

Country: Rwanda
Address: Kigali
PO BOX 1418
Telephone: +250 782 111860
E-Mail: nwcoffice.kigali@gmail.com
Website: http://http//www.nwc-kigali.org
Contact Person: Marie Aimee Umugeni
Tel: +250 785 002 302
Link to this organisation: https://diaspora-engagement.eu/org/nwc/

Organisation details

Fields of work: education / development cooperation / cultural activities / awareness raising
Topics: education / health / development
Legal status: formal

Languages & Countries

Main operation languages: Kinyarwanda
Other language skills: English
Countries working in currently: Rwanda
Countries worked in previously: Rwanda
Countries of interest: Rwanda