Media Academy


The Academy of Media is a professional high school of media management, journalism and marketing and communication. The school is providing graduation courses in Bc. and MA in journalism, communication and marketing. Apart from regular study programme the school is maintaining a diverse programmes of subjects focusing on social marketing, human rights writing, development journalism and etc. Students are publishing a regular online magazine and produce journalistic reports for their own student TV. The school is putting together famous Slovak journalists and representatives of the marketing and communication sector, and it gives the traditional forms of teaching modern flair and introduces subjects reflecting social and economic trends in our societies. The school is holding a special programme on human rights and minority reporting. It gets specialising on the new forms of journalism and communication evoked by the dynamic changes of the society.

Contact data

Country: Slovakia
Contact Person: Ján Fule
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Organisation details

Fields of work: education
Topics: education
Legal status: formal

Languages & Countries

Main operation languages: Slovak
Other language skills: English
Countries working in currently: Slovakia


Child Art Competition Across Europe The project will complement the efforts done by EC in the area of fundamental rights of the children. In particular it will focus on the rights of vulnerable children of migrant or minority origin by developing and implementing awareness-raising activities and trainings for their empowerment in 11 EU countries. The…