Matafir, drustvo za medkulturne povezave (»Matafir, Association for Intercultural Relations«) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization working in the fields of intercultural dialogue, migration, social inclusion of  people with fewer opportunities, global education, development cooperation, women’s empowerment, human rights and other socially relevant fields in local and global context.

Contact data

Country: Slovenia
Address: Zavetiska 5
Telephone: +386 41 868342
Contact Person: Alma Rogina
Tel: +38641868342
Link to this organisation:

Organisation details

Fields of work: development cooperation / awareness raising / education / diversity / cultural activities
Topics: development / education / culture / migration / gender equality, global education, human rights, intercultural dialogue, discrimination
Legal status: formal
Legal registration number: 2051800000
EuropAid PADOR-ID: SI-2010-FLL-1504501276

Languages & Countries

Main operation languages: Slovene
Other language skills: English
Countries working in currently: Slovenia / Uganda
Countries worked in previously: Slovenia / Sierra Leone / Uganda
Countries of interest: Europe / Africa / Asia