KIDA - Kenyans in Diapora Austria


KIDA’s vision shall be to liaise and collaborate with the emerging strong and vibrant federations and associations of the Kenyan Diasporas, so as to further the political, economic and social interests of its members in Austria, Kenya and across the globe.

KIDA’s mission shall be  to provide a forum through which the Kenyan Diaspora in Austria shall maintain and enhance a sense of identity, promote and advance their individual and collective interests, as well as stem existing  divisions  that prevent the Kenyan community in Austria  from collectively addressing the challenges that they experience.

Contact data

Country: Austria
Telephone: +43 664 4115401
Contact Person: Louise Deininger
Tel: +43 664 4115401
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Organisation details

Fields of work: lobbying / awareness raising / networking
Topics: migration / global issues / culture

Languages & Countries

Main operation languages: English