IAS - Institute for African Studies


The Institute for African Studies (IAS) was established in 2004. It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that is engaged in: academic research, educational outreach programs, advocacy on diversity, human rights, migration and integration issues, media, social exclusion and discrimination issues. Independently and by networking with other civil societies and platforms, it is actively involved at national, regional and global perspectives. Such an involvement opened a challenge and an opportunity to bridge the knowledge gap and diversity on global perspectives that exists in this side of Europe and Slovenia in particular.

In the last four years IAS has been awarded international development projects by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Slovenia and by the European Commission to be implemented within Africa (in Republic of Niger, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and South Sudan) and in Slovenia. We are a member of European NGOs platform (CONCORD and DEEEP) as well as national Platform for Global Action SLOGA. In implementing our objectives, the IAS has developed close working relations with the relevant institutions across Slovenia and Europe (academia, research institutions, NGOs). Our international clout, experience and determination give the Institute for African Studies a comparative advantage over similar Western NGOs.

We work with asylum seekers, youth, migrants and minorities’ communities. We organize various workshops/training/seminars with/for young people at youth centers, primary and high schools in order to increase active and global citizenship (notably through global and non-formal education).

Contact data

Country: Slovenia
Address: Cankarjeva 1
Telephone: +386 1 421 02 90
E-Mail: info@africanstudy.org
Website: http://www.africanstudy.org
Contact Person: Anja Šter
Tel: 00 386 31 476 693
Link to this organisation: https://diaspora-engagement.eu/org/institute-for-african-studies/

Organisation details

Fields of work: advocacy / development cooperation / integration / education / diversity / media / awareness raising
Topics: migration / global issues / education / development / health / water
Memberships in networks:
  • ENAR
  • Anna Lindh Foundation
  • African European Diaspora
Legal status: formal
Legal registration number: 2020980
EuropAid PADOR-ID: SI-2010-CMJ-2604592882

Languages & Countries

Main operation languages: Slovene / English
Other language skills: Croatian / Arabic / German / French / Amharic
Countries working in currently: Slovenia / Bulgaria / Poland / United Kingdom
Countries worked in previously: Ethiopia / Niger / South Sudan / Portugal / Estonia / Latvia
Countries of interest: Africa / Europe