Global Institute Slovenia - Institute for Global Learning and Projects Development


The Institute for Global Learning and Projects Development (hereinafter Global Institute) was established in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2010 to address issues of global learning, intercultural education and development.  The Global Institute’s role is to attempt to provide an alternative non-Eurocentric perspective to issues dealt with in the field of global learning.

The purpose of the Institute is to bring together better understanding of people in Slovenia/Europe with people in the Global South, especially Africa.

To date Global Institute has implemented 30 projects funded by the European Structural Fund, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Labour of the Republic of Slovenia, Municipality of Ljubljana, and Municipality of Škofja Loka, among others. The main project areas are: migration and social inclusion, global education and development, and culture. Global Institute seeks to deepen cooperation with local and international NGOs in the fields of migration, development and global learning.

Contact data

Country: Slovenia
Address: Nova pot 72
Brezovica pri Ljubljani
Telephone: +386 41 339 978
Contact Person: Max Zimani
Tel: +386 41 339 978
Other offices: Project Office, Trubarjeva 56, 1000 Ljubljana
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Organisation details

Fields of work: education / awareness raising / integration / development cooperation / cultural activities / Global Learning
Topics: development / migration / education / global issues
Memberships in networks:
  • Sloga
Legal status: formal
Legal registration number: 3704645000
EuropAid PADOR-ID: SI-2011-EYJ-2803091565

Languages & Countries

Main operation languages: Slovene / English
Countries working in currently: Slovenia
Countries worked in previously: Latvia / Estonia / Zimbabwe
Countries of interest: Zimbabwe / Ghana / Madagascar