Focus - Focus Association for Sustainable Development


Focus Association for Sustainable Development is an independent, non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit environmental organisation, founded in 2002. The mission of Focus is to stimulate solutions for environmentally and socially responsible life through education, awareness raising and co-shaping policies in the field of climate change. We focus our work on the issues of climate, energy, mobility, global responsibility and consumption. In the framework of these issues we organise various events, run campaigns and practically oriented projects, raise awareness, monitor, analyse, take part in decision-making processes, co-operate with a variety of stakeholders and work with the media. The work runs at local and national level, as well as at EU and international level.

Contact data

Country: Slovenia
Address: Maurerjeva 7
1000 Ljubljana
Telephone: +386 1 515 40 80
Contact Person: Barbara Kvac
Tel: +386 (0)59071325
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Organisation details

Fields of work: campaigning / advocacy / education / awareness raising
Topics: development / global issues / health / education
Memberships in networks:
  • Climate Action Network Europe
  • Transport&Environment
Legal status: formal
Legal registration number: 1134817
EuropAid PADOR-ID: SI-2009-GSP-0306273342

Languages & Countries

Main operation languages: English / Slovene
Other language skills: Bulgarian / Croatian / Italian / Portuguese / Dutch
Countries working in currently: Slovenia