DTI - Dubnica Technical Institute


We have been working in the filed of professional and life-long learning ducation for more than 12 years and it has been committeed to a series of international projects focused on the improving of quality o feducation curricula. Based on its cooperation with a series of universities in Slovakia, Dubnica technical Institute has delivered a complex model MAIS for modular academic information system addressesing the complete electronic data processing in colleges and universities in Slovakia. Architectural model MAIS provides a high standard of privacy and independence and at the same time variability on the platform and database type. MAIS modularity is intended to separate system components, each of which provides a different set of tasks. Users can log on to the interface based on user roles (grouped right) with one of the commonly used web browsers.

Contact data

Country: Slovakia
Address: Dukelská štvrť 1404/613
Dubnica nad Váhom
018 41
Telephone: +421 42 4440106
E-Mail: jan.gramata@gmail.com
Contact Person: Jan Gramata
Tel: 00421 42 4440106
Link to this organisation: https://diaspora-engagement.eu/org/dubnica-technical-institute/

Organisation details

Fields of work: education / awareness raising / integration / development cooperation
Topics: decent work / entrepreneurship / education / culture / global issues / development
Legal status: formal

Languages & Countries

Main operation languages: Slovak
Other language skills: English
Countries working in currently: Slovakia / Switzerland
Countries of interest: / Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of / Moldova / Albania / Uzbekistan