COSPE - Cooperation for the Development of Emerging Countries


COSPE is a non-profit association established in 1983 and recognised in 1984 as Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union. Cospe is active in the international cooperation field in about 30 Developing Countries with approximately 100 projects, while in Italy and in Europe promotes fair and sustainable development, intercultural dialogue and human rights, realising Development Education programs and activities in order to rise public awareness among students, citizens, media and institutions.

COSPE doesn’t provide short term emergency relief but supports long term economic
and social development processes, foreseeing approaches on different issues and the
active participation of the local partners and the stakeholders.

Development education promotes actions for sharing knowledge, information,
awareness campaign on the subjects related to the North/South relationship.
This working area addresses to the Italian and European public opinion, schools, media,
government institutions in order to change behaviours, laws and North/South inequality.

COSPE works on programs promoting citizenship’s rights, in particular, on activities of
educational, social and working inclusion for immigrates. At the same time, COSPE has
educational projects and initiatives promoting an intercultural society.

Contact data

Country: Italy
Address: Via Slataper 10
IT 50134
Telephone: +39 055 473556
Fax: +39 055 472806
Contact Person: Ilaria Cicione
Tel: +39 051 546600
Other offices: Bologna, Italy
Link to this organisation:

Organisation details

Fields of work: development cooperation / campaigning / education / integration / awareness raising / advocacy
Topics: development / migration / global issues / decent work / water / education
Memberships in networks:
  • CONCORD - European NGO confederation for relief and development
  • Italian NGOs Association (AOI)
  • Cocis (coordination of non-governmental organizations for international development cooperation)
  • Solidar (network of NGOs to advance Social Justice In Europe and Worldwide)
  • ENAR (European Network Against Racism)
  • Italian committee for the right to water (CICMA)
  • Italian committee for food sovereignty (CISA)
  • Italian network for responsible tourism (AITR)
Legal status: formal
Legal registration number: D.M. n.4196/4 del 14/09/1988
EuropAid PADOR-ID: IT-2007-CSB-2711183306

Languages & Countries

Main operation languages: Italian / English / French
Other language skills: Spanish; Castilian / Portuguese
Countries working in currently: Afghanistan / Albania / Angola / Argentina / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Brazil / Cape Verde / China / Croatia / Cuba / Ecuador / Egypt / Europe / Ghana / Honduras / Italy / Malawi / Morocco / Mozambique / Nicaragua / Niger / Palestinian Territory, Occupied / Senegal / Somalia / Swaziland / Tunisia / Uruguay
Countries worked in previously: Africa / Asia / Europe / Southern America
Countries of interest: Africa / Asia / Europe / Southern America


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