Child Home Teply Dym


In the orphanage accepted:

– Orphans ;

– Children without parental care;

– Children separated from their families , according to the Law of Ukraine “On refugees and persons in need of additional or temporary protection.”

Dolinskaya orphanage “Warm House” comes with 6 groups of family type ( uneven ), which merged children who are bound by the principle of family-oriented in accordance with the decision of the Ivano- Frankivsk Oblast psycho- medykopedahohichnoyi consultations and permits the Department of Education and Science Ivan -Frankivsk Regional State administration.

The main objective of the orphanage are:

– Ensuring the maintenance and education of orphans and children deprived of parental care, close to the family;

– Ensure the full development , physical, social and mental health of pupils;

– Creating conditions conducive to living with children , their education and training;

– Providing social security, medical, psychological and educational rehabilitation and social inclusion of pupils;

– Implementation of orphans and children deprived of parental care in appropriate accommodation, close to home, comprehensive development, education, gaining a certain level of education, vocational guidance and prepare them for independent life and work, providing conditions for their successful integration into society. The main goal of the orphanage is to implement children’s rights on pre-school education, physical, mental and spiritual development, social adjustment, ensuring the right to full general, secondary education.

Contact data

Country: Ukraine
Telephone: +380 03477 2 03 70
Contact Person: Warm House
Tel: 003834772 03 70
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Organisation details

Fields of work: education
Topics: health
Legal status: formal

Languages & Countries

Main operation languages: Ukrainian
Other language skills: English / Russian
Countries working in currently: Ukraine
Countries worked in previously: Ukraine
Countries of interest: Ukraine


Better Advocacy of Children’s Rights This action has been prepared in cooperation between three organizations, the applicant Society Development Institute and the Public Child Home from the city of Dolyna. The partners are pursuing the transfer of know-how in the field of decent rights and enjoyment of freedoms for children most at risk. SDI appointed…