AVP - AVP Afrika Vernetzungsplattform


The AVP is an alliance of African communities in Austria and functions as a networking platform and lobbying organisation for African communities in Austria and Europe. The main challange of the AVP is to raise awareness of living conditions for African people in Austria and Europe in order to improve them.

Contact data

Country: Austria
Address: Argentinierstra├če 28/1
Telephone: +43 676 9459301
E-Mail: office@afrikaplattform.at
Website: http://www.afrikaplattform.at
Contact Person: Herold Maria
Tel: +43/650/4407134
Link to this organisation: https://diaspora-engagement.eu/org/avp-afrika-vernetzungsplattform/

Organisation details

Fields of work: awareness raising / lobbying / integration / cultural activities / advocacy / campaigning / development cooperation / diversity / media / charity
Topics: migration / culture / foreign policy / development / decent work / global issues
Legal status: formal
Legal registration number: ZVR-Zahl: 299886911

Languages & Countries

Main operation languages: German / English / French
Countries working in currently: Austria / Europe
Countries worked in previously: Austria


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