ANI - Austrian-Nigerian Initiative (ANI)


A-NI is a non-governmental and a non- profit organization that aims to initiate economical, educational, and cultural development projects between Austria and Nigeria with a broader view towards the European Union and Africa.

The central concept of A-NI lies in the promotion of technology transfer between these two countries/ continents

Contact data

Country: Austria
Address: Neubaugasse 56
Telephone: +43 69910236274
Contact Person: adex
Tel: +43699 10236274
Link to this organisation:

Organisation details

Fields of work: development cooperation / education / awareness raising / technology transfer
Topics: development / education
Legal status: formal
Legal registration number: ZVR-Zahl 575984809

Languages & Countries

Main operation languages: German / English
Countries working in currently: Nigeria
Countries worked in previously: Nigeria
Countries of interest: Gambia / South Sudan / Sierra Leone / Slovenia