Almasar” is a non-profit organization based in Athens.
The main purpose of the organization is Intercultural Mediation in all areas (health, education, public services, etc.). The large number of members who have theoretical and practical professional training in this field but also in many cases common experience also contributes to this.

“Almasar”, due to the large number of young people it has, deals strongly with youth issues in general and the issue of the so-called second generation of immigrants in general, promoting the idea that in Greece there is a new generation of young people consisting of natives and second-generation immigrants.

“Almasar” also aims to deal with a variety of issues and to take action for the social integration of immigrants in Greek society.
Briefly, our range of actions includes the following topics.

Intercultural Mediation.
Dealing with multicultural issues.
Raising public awareness on issues of xenophobia and racism.
Learning Greek language, history, culture and promoting education in general.
Dealing with interfaith issues and dialogue.
Supporting vulnerable groups.
Campaigns to inform third-country nationals and vulnerable groups about health, social security and employment.
Conducting research and studies.

Contact data

Country: Greece
Address: Mezonos 45
Telephone: +30 697 0713379
Contact Person: Mhmoud Abderassoul
Tel: +306970713379
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Organisation details

Fields of work: advocacy / education / awareness raising / humanitarian aid / integration / diversity / cultural activities
Topics: development / migration / education
Legal status: formal

Languages & Countries

Main operation languages: Arabic / Greek, Modern / English