No trust in migrants?

  • June 17, 2013
  • news

“What do they really know about it?” This negative sentiment is often faced by migrants who engage themselves in development cooperation, argues Irene Hochauer-Kpoda in a recent comment in the Austrian “Südwind Magazin”.

Well established development cooperation organisations have structures, competences, experience and financial means – but also a blind spot: They rarely are in contact with migrant organisations who engage themselves in development cooperation. The latter rarely get support but are still carrying out many projects in so-called development countries. A lack of networking and trust is characteristic for the local development cooperation scene.

Still, both groups have the same aim: The development of countries in critical economic and social situation. 2011 a transnational initiative was founded in Austria with many internatinonal cooperation partners. The initiative is sending out a strong positive message. The aim of the transnational initiative CoMiDe is the formulation of coherent migration and development policies on the national as well as the European level. Furthermore its objective is to promote cooperation between develpment NGOs and migrant organisations. At least in the context of this initiative people are trying to learn from past mistakes.

More (in German) here.