Journalists of Kosice for Development

  • October 15, 2013
  • news

CoMide has been presented to the media in Kosice on 3.10.2013. The participants of the discussion mentioned that topics of development cooperation are randomly depicted in printed media. Usually NGOs are paying journalist trips to boost their projects, however there is not a tradition in development journalism.

Analysis of communication needs summarized by the participants:
– Lack of media space for similar topics
– Strong discriminatory access of readers
– Lack of knowledge about the links of globalization on socio-economic map of Slovakia

The participants were explained the history of the development journalism and proposed a lot of materials and interesting topics related to the economic relations and cooperation of the NGOs or universities and research and development institutions. The original intention is to contribute to raising awareness of the media and gaining public support for activities related EU policies towards the integration of immigrants and improve the quality of life in their countries of origin by way of publicity issues relevant areas of cooperation.

The journalists are lacking information on the most important issues of the development cooperation and could not distinguish the specific information related to the topics of development.

The Slovak journalists are interested in preparing stories on migration and development cooperation and increasing the public knowledge about global issues such as  changing values ​​and attitudes towards globalization as a challenge:

– Challenging attitudes and values ​​to global problems ;
– Increase knowledge of EU development policy, refugees, MDGs and developing countries;
– Increased knowledge leads to a responsible future actions → active participation in building a more equal world for all members of partner companies;
– Activation of critical thinking and responsible action: how the media reflect our reality, how media creates different “truth” according to information sources, such as our values ​​and also shares on the basis of media coverage, how much media influence our decision – we are able to independently decisions and can therefore be held accountable for their actions;
– The idea is to unify various aspects / approaches, global and local companies → aware of the links between global, international, national and local society, how the media promote the development of measures that will have an impact on issues such as Fair Trade;

Media in Slovakia are still approaching in non-ethical way the global poverty issues and a reason for that are the NGOs themselves who are not respecting image codex and provide selected pictures to media. What can be done more:

  • Media reports on development issues,
  • Negative information shall be selected and presented in an ethical way,
  • Positive information should be linked to future opportunities and multiplication of the effect of the initiative done,
  • Take out the development issues of the media attractions  and comparisons with the conventional stereotypes about poverty,
  • Increase the public awareness of the dimensions and consequences of poverty in a globalized world
  • Decrease the professional prejudices of poverty.