Journalist Workshop in Vienna

  • September 10, 2013
  • news

23.9.2013: CoMiDe-Training for journalists in NGOs and diaspora organisations

Why is development politics a topic rarely covered in media written by or for migrants? Why are migrants as editors in media covering development politics underrepresented? What would a useful cooperation look like? Questions like these are going to be answered at the CoMiDe-Workshop for journalists in NGOs and Diapsora-Organisations.

Clara Akinyosoye, chief editor at M-MEDIA and vice editor-in-chief of, as well as Richard Solder, editor at Südwind-Magazin und coordinator of the platform “Media & Development” will present their input. The event will be moderated by Teclaire Ngo Tam, project manager at Südwind Agentur.

Monday, 23.9.2013| 16:30 – 18:30 | Südwind Agentur, Vienna| Laudongasse 40| 1080 Vienna

For further enquiries or registration please contact: stefan.grasgruber-kerl[at]