Cultural Knowledge Bridging the Gaps to Africa

  • June 21, 2013
  • news

While developing  projects for a better quality of life in Africa, the knowledge about its history, economic and social life is a breakthrough beginning for an effective cooperation, shared the migrants who get actively involved in the awareness event of Africa Day held in the Medical Garden of Bratislava on May 18th 2013.

For a second time the community of various migrants coming from the African continent worked with the Society Development Institute, a CoMide partner, for the delivery of a rich sensitization of the general public on the need for cooperation in the areas of education, health, entrepreneurship and social care issues in Africa. The diaspora participants showed the NGO activists and the general public the strengths of the cultural and socio-economic development of the African countries. By telling stories about small producers, diaspora culture mediators highlighted the importance of supporting a variety of income-generation activities who generate enough funds for families in rural areas. The migrants demonstrated the richness of some of the African languages and literature works as well as African rhythms and fragrances.