CoMiDe Italy “New Media for Migration”

  • February 20, 2014
  • news

How is migration “phenomenon” debated by media system?

Which part could play the new media for a multifaceted and multi-voices communication?
A meeting organized by Cospe and Ces.Co.Com (Centro Studi avanzati sul Consumo e la Comunicazione – Department of “Sociologia e Diritto dell’Economia e dell’Impresa”, University of Bologna) to think about the mass communication role and the relation between social communication and people.

We discuss with:

Abir Soleiman European Journalism Observatory, Alessia Giannoni COSPE, Alessio Genovese Art director di EU2013 The last Frontier, Darien Levani Lettere Italiene, Giovanni Egidio Managing editor of La Repubblica Bologna*, Karim Metref Prospettive altre, Luca Artesi Babeltv*, Pierluigi Musarò e Paola Parmiggiani University of Bologna.

AGENDA: New Media for Immigration

* waiting for confirmation.

<<Without document human is an unknown thing>>
Eu 013, The Last Frontier

In the same night at 9 pm in Cinema Europa – Via Pietralata 55/A, 40100, Bologna- it will be the preview of the documentary movie “EU 013, The last Frontier” shoot around the Italian Identification and Expulsion Centres, of Alessio Genovese e Raffaella Cosentino.