Report from the “Journalist Workshop”

  • October 8, 2013
  • news

Young journalists with of african origin, people representing NGO-media, street newspapers and university projects with an intercultural focus – it was an interesting crowd that took part in the journalist workshop of the CoMiDe-project on 23rd of September at Südwind office in Vienna. Even more so, considering the very specific focus of the workshop: How can diaspora media and media focusing on development issues cooperate more closely? How can the gap between them be bridged?
Clara Akinyosoye from diaspora media M-Media and Richard Solder from the Südwind Magazin and the Platform Media & Development gave short reports on their experiences in the “field”.
Then it was up to the whole group to find means and ways on how these two sides of media could have a better future together. The result was a range of ideas: as diaspora and development media have a certain intersection, e.g. when reporting on African, Asian oder Latin American communitys in Europe, two media could decide to swap articles from time to time. A core issue on the side of the development media is going to be to find the migrant journalists who have development topics in their field of interest. With diaspora media it’s about showing that development and international topics are of use for the diaspora, e.g. with more reports on the countries from where the migrants or their parents came from.

The workshop showed that connecting diaspora and development media can work: the atmosphere was good, the participants worked energetically on solutions and used the get-together part as an opportunity to get to know other people, media and projects.